More students have been given the chance of education in Nepal

Both the Nalang Model Academy and The Yearley Trust believe in education for all. The school has been approached by some poor families who lived a long way from the school and who were worried about the quality of the education that their children were getting from their existing school. (Some students have 6/7 hours walk to the Academy)

The school agreed to accept the 21 pupils and also, because the children lived too far away to travel daily, to provide accommodation in the hostel donated by The Yearley Trust and, as the parents could not afford any fees – to provide everything free of charge.
To support this The Yearley Trust has agreed to pay the school 50% of the monthly income that the school would have normally have received from fees and agreed also to contribute towards the costs of feeding the pupils in the hostel. It is also giving a grant towards the costs of providing bedding etc for these pupils.
The Trust is pleased to support this generous gesture by the school and the community of Nalang and it is part of The Yearley Trust aim to improve education and the quality of life in rural Nepal.


The new pupils are settling in and the Trust’s Assistant Director Rojina Silwal and Young Person’s Officer Sujana Silwal are helping them by teaching at extra lessons to try and help them catch up with all that they missed at their previous school.

Rojina says that the pupils are enthusiastic learners and are also helping each other to learn.

Another great example of the amazing community spirit we admire.

The Yearley Trust is happy to be helping the Nalang Model Academy with these new pupils as part of its aim to improve education in rural Nepal and it will be watching their progress with interest.