Further more the construction of a water reservoir has started


The work on the water reservoir for the YT Hostel in Nalang, Nepal has started. After our visit of the area and few schools in Nepal in February we got more familiar of the urgent need of water supplies for every day needs there. 

John Yearley, our Chairman, has been working on the engineering drawings and now personally financed the project.

The ground has been dug (mainly by hand) to the required depth and the stone base is almost finished and the sheer size of the reservoir can now be seen The steel reinforcement rods for the concrete base will be in place in a few days time.

The community is working very hard to complete, if possible, the reservoir before the monsoon rains.

The Yearley Trust is very happy to be funding this project which will make a real difference to the lives of the people in Nalang and will then be completely ready to welcome volunteers from all around the world.