Moving on to new exciting projects in Nalang, Nepal

With the opening of the hostel, and its associated toilet and shower block, donated by The Yearley Trust at the Nalang Model Academy the first stage of the Trust’s plans to improve life and education at the NMA is nearing completion. The separate toilet block that the Trust also has donated for the school has been completed and is currently being fitted out.

The second phase of the Trust’s plans for the school are starting this week.

The school has no direct water supply and all water has to be brought to the school in barrels. The Trust is therefore financing the provision of gutters at the hostel and at the school in order to collect rain water and store this in a 6m x 13m x 3m (234,000 litre) tank that the Trust is also financing. Water collected this way will be pumped to header tanks above both the hostel and school toilets and will also be used for washing in the kitchen. The tank will be on the mountain view side of the hostel with it’s top level with the hostel floor so it will provide an extra viewing platform which can be used for outdoor meals at the hostel and also as an outdoor classroom area.
The water will be unpolluted rain water and suitable for the toilets and showers etc but also, to ensure a supply of good clean drinking water, the Trust will be donating a water purification system to provide a good supply of suitable drinking water.
This phase of the work is scheduled to be completed before the heavy rain starts at the end of June

The third phase of the Trust’s plans will start after the rains, All classrooms will be repainted and new white boards provided for each room as well as some new benches for students and some educational material for younger pupils. Also opening glazed aluminium windows will be provided for every room at the school and the hostel (51 windows in total) to improve conditions not only during cold weather but also to keep out dust during localised whirlwinds. It is hoped that the work on the third phase will be completed before the end of October.