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Free courses to improve the quality of life and Education in rural Nepal

We are pleased to announce that The Yearley Trust, in conjunction with The Nalang Model Academy and the Community of Nalang have set up “The Yearley Trust Centre of Excellence”. We are providing residential trainings for people all over rural Nepal!

en outre, our English Teaching Ambassador are helping teachers in rural schools around Nepal. As part of the Centre our Sports Program Officers are running programs in rural schools to empower girls through sport.

A whole variety of FREE courses are designed to improve both the quality of education and the quality of life in rural Nepal.

The first residential courses started at the beginning of 2021.

Our English Teaching Ambassadors and our Sports Program Officers are working with rural schools to improve the teaching of English and to educate girls on their rights and to promote equality.

We are already providing free courses to many rural areas of Nepal

The first residential courses, at the Centre have proved to be very successful. They have included subjects such as use of fertilisers and pesticides, plant grafting, and subjects particularly beneficial to subsistence farmers.

en outre, a course for teachers by our English Teaching Ambassadors (on how to teach English using the American NGO Ical system) proved a very popular addition. The trainings are held training held in various rural schools.

During one of his visits John Yearley ran a course on Business Plans to help, and encourage, people to set up their own businesses. With the help of the Israel Embassy Yudith Rosenthal from Tel Aviv University provided some advanced teacher training

There is no charge for course fees, food and accommodation for all participants! Dans 2018 the Trust had built a 56 bed School hostel with shower and toilet facilities which provides the accommodation and also the new kitchen donated by the Trust provides the catering.

Cependant, as we are making everything free, we need to appeal to your generosity because we want everyone who wants to attend to be able to do so. Numbers are limited by availability of funds so your help will enable us to run more courses for more people.

You donation of:

  • £5 will cover the food and accommodation costs for one person a day
  • £15 covers the food and accommodation costs for one person for the whole of an average course
  • £50 will cover the food costs for one day for all the delegates on an average course

Donne maintenant

Noter: A full schedule of courses, which will be regularly updated, will be published online and also in a special Facebook page set up for the Centre. The Facebook page will be in English and Nepali so that information is available to people in Nepal who do not have access to the internet.