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Together fighting COVID-19

03 June, 2020
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With nearly 400,000 deaths around the world and over 6,000,000 more suffering from the terrible disease, there is much hardship in rural Nepal.

The disease is passed on by contact or being in close proximity to someone with the disease. Even touching a surface which has been touched hours before by an infected person can pass on the disease, so lockdown has been accepted as the only way of limiting the expansion of the disease.

In Nepal the disease and the necessary lockdown is causing particular problems, especially as incidence of the virus is increasing rapidly. Unlike most countries in the West there is no social welfare back up and millions are now unemployed and have no income to buy even necessities such as food, let alone soap for the essential regular hand washing. Many products have disappeared from the shops and even getting food can be a real problem, so millions are starving. Because there are virtually no suitable ICU and lifesaving facilities in hospitals and there are no virus testing procedures in place across the country the hospitals are no longer accepting a lot of people who need various hospital treatments.

The Yearley Trust’s resources are even more stretched in the current situation and we have been able to send, but far by enough. Having to look after people who should be in hospital has been a serious struggle for our only medical person Shankar Silwal.

Schools are closed and important exams according the important school leaving exams which were due in April have been postponed to some unknown date in the future causing considerable stress to pupils and their families.

Please give as much as you can afford, so that we can help as many suffering people as possible in one of the world’s poorest countries

  • £3 a month will pay for a woman or girls essential sanitary and washing requirements for a month
  • £8 a month will buy a months rice for a whole family
  • £12 a month will cover the cost of essential medicine for an elderly member of the community who needs constant treatment

Give now

Help us to help people suffering in Nepal as your gift, however small, will make a dramatic difference…

Unfortunately no one can accurately predict the long term impact of Covid-19 on the lives of the people in Nepal but is is going to take a long time before things get back to normal. The Yearley Trust’s teams in Europe and Nepal are looking into projects to help the communities of rural Nepal to sustain a more stable future.

Our Medical Director has been giving training on hygiene and safety and we are looking into implementing projects like clean water for the school and nutrition improvement for the whole community and especially for all students

With farming being the main provider in rural Nepal communities, we have helped this year’s crops by supporting the whole community by buying the fertilizer needed in April 2020, otherwise the community would have missed being able to fertilising this year’s crops affecting their whole livelihood. We are also organising future educational training programs for farmers from all rural areas in Nepal to help their future income.

Tourism provides a very large number of employment opportunities for people in Nepal and it is estimated that it could be three years or more after the end of the worldwide pandemic until international travel will be back to pre virus levels. The Nalang Model Academy School Hostel and the whole school are looking into being prepared and equipped for future volunteers, trainers and students who need to stay there.