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11 November, 2018 Nalang, Nepal, Causes rural Nepal(Nalang village)
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At present the pressing need is for collecting donations towards the creation of the Nalang Modern Academy sports grounds.You can help by donating on our website or write to us at info@theyearleytrust.orgDropout rates by pupils before they complete year 10 in Nepal in general is maybe 50%. Whilst the Nalang Model Academy had a much lower (better) drop out rate than the average they found that when they first started sports coaching, even with their very limited facilities, their already good drop out rate improved significantly. There is no sporting facilities of any kind within walking distance of the school and Nalang in general and the school wishes to buy the land for a full sized football pitch and erect basic changing facilities.

The schools own objective plan (in their own words) states:-

  1. To make zero dropout ratio from the school through regular and basic games and sports activities 
  2. Education for all and Encourage girl’s Higher  education
  3. Support for disadvantaged kids and people
  4. Develop girls capacity by exposing in games and sports for empowering them along with proper education and able to defence against any violence and prevent from early marriage
  5. Provide Basic Education Loan provision by Multipurpose Cooperatives for their future what they want to study in the future
  6. To make stimulation of five senses of kids for getting higher education by sports activities
  7. Encourage young for supporting their parents

The Trust fully supports the schools objectives and in particular believes that provision of sports facilities for girls will help to empower them.

Your donations will help towards the purchase of the land and the erection of basic changing facilities


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Help us save lives, prevent deafness and  blindness through out rural areas by organizing 2 Medical camps a year from 2020 to 2022

Donation : £53,440.00/ £58,039.00

The Yearley Trust has donated the money for the purchase of the land and the construction of a 56 bed hostel for the students from further villages and also for the volunteers.

Donation : £4,400.00/ £10,000.00

We work together with the local community in Nalang to improve the quality of life in the whole area. That includes-infrastructure; living and schooling conditions; water and power supply.


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