The United Nations has 17 Sustainable Development Goals (ODD). The Yearley Trust is very proud that it is working on 11 of them in rural Nepal, l'un des pays les plus pauvres du monde. All our educational programmes will actively promote sustainable development.

SDGs The Yearley Trust – Népal (ici)


Aidez-nous à sauver des vies, prevent blindness, and deafness, in poverty stricken rural Nepal by donating money to help our various outreach schemes where we will treat the main health problems that lead to blindness, deafness and most import of all, loss of life.

£5 a month will treat two people each year for high blood pressure or respiratory illness

£10 a month will pay for a cataract operation to save someone’s sight

£20 a month will bring running supplies for a day of Nalang health centre

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Help us prevent stunted growth in children. The major cause of death for children under 5.

The first 1,000 days of a child’s life — from conception to age 2 — are the most critical. You can help save young lives by helping pregnant women and young mothers to understand the needs for correct nutrition and the importance of starting breast feeding within the first few hours of birth when colostrum in the milk transfer antibodies from the mother to the baby. This is the main cause of 50% of children in rural Nepal suffering from stunted growth which is the main cause of death for children under the age of five

£30 a month will enable us to run a course to educate the women of childbearing age in a community on how to prevent stunted growth and possible early death of their children

Your help is needed and your gift can make a real difference

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Here are our causes that you can support directly:

Campagnes médicales – All through rural Nepal (2020)

Full time Medical carecommunity of Nalang, Népal (yearly)

Prevent children’s death – Communauté de Nalang, Népal (yearly)


The Trust is working to improve the standard of education in rural schools. Many families can’t afford to send their children (especially girls) to school and even if they can afford school fees, they can’t afford school clothing and schoolbooks etc. It is our aim to support girls so that they can enjoy a good education. When girls stay in school and finish secondary education, a lot of good things happen for them and their families. They enjoy better health and can take care of themselves and their children. They live longer, marry later, earn higher wages, and are more active participants in community life.

We are also developing sports programs to empower girls through sport, while working with two very accomplishes Nepal women champions. View Our team page

£10 a month will cover the costs of a girl’s school fees and her clothing and books and enable her to get a good education.

£20 a month will pay the fee for a student whose family can’t afford education

from £115 to £285 a month will pay to bring a new well trained/ english speaking teacher in the school

Your help is needed and your gift can make a real difference

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Here are our causes that you can support directly:

School’s Sports Grounds, C'est la Model Academy, Népal

Fonds d'aide aux étudiants – All Rural Nepal



90% of the population of Nepal live in rural areas and most depend largely on agriculture for their livelihoods.

These subsistence farmers farm on small plots of land, growing crops primarily to feed themselves and to sell any surplus in local markets. Approximately 60% vivre sous le seuil de pauvreté.

Helping these farmers to grow more is a key way to fight poverty and helping them to earn more from selling their produce is a key way to improve their lives. Even a small increase in farm yields will make a significant improvement in reducing poverty and enabling more parents to send their daughters to school.

That’s why The Trust will be helping farmers to increase agricultural productivity through training and support in improved techniques and practices – including the diversification or recovery of efficient traditional practices.

£ 20 a month will enable a farmer to buy fertiliser to increase the yield of his crops and to buy better quality Seed.

£100 will fund one day of a training course.

£500 will enable a farmer to build a 20,000 litre water tank to irrigate their land so improve crop yields

Your help is needed and your gift can make a real difference

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Micro Loans

Thanks to microloans from people like you, men and women who once lived on the edge of survival could now own successful small businesses—running grocery stores, sewing, creating handcrafts, and more.

They can make money to feed, clothe, and educate their children. And as loans are repaid, funds are used to provide loans for others. Your gift keeps on giving, and giving, and giving.

Contact us on for ideas and repayment plans

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Through out all our programs we aim to promote equality. We have developed and running a sport program which is guided by two of the biggest sports women in Nepal, as well as when it’s possible we hire in our team women.