Our team continuous work in Nepal during lockdown

Whilst the lockdown in Nepal due to coronavirus has severely affected the Yearley Trust’s work it has not stopped it entirely.

In Nalang the Trust’s Medical Director Shankar Silwal has been working tirelessly to protect the health of the community and back in her home village the Trust’s Sports Program Officer, and national volleyball legend, Kopila Upreti has been taking the opportunity to spend a couple of days with the children in the orphanage in her home village .

Besides showing them the love that she never had as a child she has been teaching them life skills and also the importance of empowerment for girls as well as the importance of taking all precautions against the coronavirus and the need to stay at home. The joy on the children’s faces shows how happy they are to be with her. Kopila has a particular interest in working with orphans and under privileged children.
We are proud to have her as part of the team

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