The hostel is developing fast on time for our visit!

John Yearley et Doriana Dimitrova of The Yearley Trust will be travelling to Nalang towards the end of February where John Yearley will officially open the hostel on his birthday on the 23rd February

John and Doriana will then spend some time helping teach classes at the school (English, photography etc.) as well as meeting all the teaching staff and as many of the people of Nalang as possible.

John in particular will be looking at ways that the Trust can help the people of Nalang improve the local economy and improve the lives of everyone in Nalang.
Some of the other projects for February are:
creating a mural on the wall of the hostel. Doriana will be working together with the students;
developing a students program on soil research and implementing new crops;
This will be John’s and Doriana’s first trip to Nalang and they are looking forward to seeing the school and community that the Trust is helping and finding out ways that the help of the Trust can be expanded.

Noter: pictures as of today from the developing and costrustion of the hostel donated by the trust.